Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blanket Scarf...

So I missed out on the Zara scarf craze last year, but I couldn't be happier with this blanket scarf from Aerie!  It is so big and as a scarf wraps around big and bulky and couldn't be more perfect! Here I styled it as a cape and it was so warm for these freezing fall days!  They have six different colors and I am seriously contemplating getting all of them!!!  Plus the Jcrew blouse I'm wearing is on sale and is possibly the best button down blouse I own, I may have to stock up on those too :) !!!

SHIRT: Jcrew  ||  SCARF: Aerie  ||  JEANS: Abercrombie ($39 on sale)
BELT: Old (like this) || BOOTS: Forever21 (diff color) (love these) || BAG: Michael Kors